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"Thanks so very much for being such a great and patient instructor. I took my driving test and passed on my first attempt. I had only one point. I was very excited. The first place I took it to (the car) was the movies... thank you very much for everything. Lu...

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Contact Door to Door Driving School, your source for convenient Wisconsin driver’s education training. If you’d like to enroll in courses from our driver’s ed class calendar or enquire about custom scheduling, please use the Wisconsin driver's education registration form or call 262-363-3000.

The below offers a fast response to any question about getting your driver’s license, just ask. Feel free to inquire about getting picked up from home, school, or work for your driver’s education courses in Wisconsin. Door to Door Driving School serves many students from the Mukwonago and East Troy school districts, covering parts of Elkhorn, Waterford, Burlington, Vernon, North Prairie, Muskego, Union Grove, and the surrounding communities.


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