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What to Expect at Your Road Test:


At the beginning of your road test, the examiner will require your assistance in performing an inspection of the vehicle to be used, during which time you will also be demonstrating your familiarity with the vehicle controls. The horn, all lights, directional signals, brakes, mirrors, defrosters, speedometer and windshield wipers must be in good working order. The driver and passenger doors must be able to be opened from both inside and outside. Exhaust systems must be in good repair with no exhaust leakage into the interior of the vehicle, and tires must be safe, with the minimum legal depth of tread. The vehicle must be mechanically safe in all respects, and properly registered in order to be acceptable as the examination vehicle.


The examiner will give you brief instructions just prior to starting the test, and then will give directions as you proceed, in the following manner: "At the next comer, turn left" or "At the next comer, turn right", or "Please pull over and stop". Our examiners don't engage in unnecessary conversation, not because they are unfriendly, but because we want to avoid distracting you from focusing on your defensive driving, so that you can do the best possible job on this important examination.

You won't be asked to do anything that is illegal, nor will there be attempts to trick you in any way, by asking you to do something that could be scored against you. You will be expected, however, to use good judgment and good defensive driving practices at all times. For example, if you are asked to make a lane change, make sure it is safe to do so before you proceed. Do likewise, with any other instruction. If an instruction is given that you don't understand, your examiner will welcome your question in order to clarify.


Please drive at all times as if traffic is present, and observe all traffic signs and laws. The examiner will not offer advice or analysis until the test is completed and you are back inside the DMV office. At that time, you, your accompanying driver and the skills test examiner will meet for a few moments to review the results of the test and discuss some suggestions for improvement, along with acknowledgement of exhibited skills. Any further questions you may have can be presented at this time, also.

Be sure to review the Wisconsin Department of Transportation's Class D Skills Test Guide to help you prepare for your road test or contact  Door to Door Driving School in Mukwonago for more information.