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"Thanks so very much for being such a great and patient instructor. I took my driving test and passed on my first attempt. I had only one point. I was very excited. The first place I took it to (the car) was the movies... thank you very much for everything. Lu...

Driving Tips for Parents of Teen Drivers in Wisconsin

Be sure to incorporate all of the following into your practice behind the wheel driving sessions with your student.

Preparing to Drive:

  • Choose clothes and shoes for comfort and control
  • Make outside checks for obstacles to safe movement
  • Familiarize yourself with all devices and controls, including the braking system
  • Adjust the seat, head restraint, mirrors, and ventilation for optimum visibility and safetyPractical Drivers Ed
  • Be certain that everyone is wearing a safety belt before moving

Executing Maneuvers:

  • Steering, turning, parking, braking, signaling, backing, accelerating, and lane-positioning

Interacting in Traffic:

  • Lane-changing, right-of-way, intersections, traffic controls, blind spots, scanning techniques, managing space, safe following, use of mirrors, school zones, railroad crossings, and speed control

Experiencing Environments:

  • Darkness, twilight, expressways, highways, cities, towns, and rush hour
  • Adverse weather conditions such as rain, sleet, snow, ice, and wind
  • Be a role model for your teen. Be calm, patient, and belted.
  • Start with driving in low-risk areas and situations.
  • Select routes in advance, and strategize with your teen before getting in the vehicle.
  • Demonstrate specific skills at the beginning of the practice session.
  • Be specific with your directions. Provide at least a one-block notice on city streets, and a one-mile notice on highways.
  • Praise driving accomplishments.
  • Give clear and accurate instructions. Use "right" for a direction, not to confirm correctness.
  • Sit in a position that will allow you to guide the steering wheel with your left hand if needed.
  • Have your teen give a running account or commentary on what he or she sees.
  • Use a safe vehicle, in good condition.
  • Spread out lessons evenly over at least six months.
  • On the log provided by your teen's driver education teacher, record practice immediately after each session.