Check Out These 6 Great Courses Offered by Door to Door Driving School
"Thanks so very much for being such a great and patient instructor. I took my driving test and passed on my first attempt. I had only one point. I was very excited. The first place I took it to (the car) was the movies... thank you very much for everything. Lu...

Teen Defensive Driving School in Waukesha

For Parents looking to go above and beyond in keeping their teen prepared for anything, Door to Door Driving School recommends the teen defensive driver’s education training from the Waukesha County Technical College. While your Wisconsin driver education course will cover safe, responsive driving on roads, highways and parking lots, WCTC offers behind the wheel training on a closed driving course in Pewaukee.


This is a gift I gave my son on a snowy Saturday in January. When he came home she told me how trecherous it was trying to stop at 40, 50 and then 60 mph. This is scary, whether in a parking lot or on the road. This was a really good opportunity for him to experience Wisconsin driving weather.


There are three students per squad car, equipped with a walkie-talkie; the police officer is out on the course with a walkie-talkie to give directives. Students spend about 6 hours in the squad car. This is preceded by two hours of instruction in the classroom.


A student should pack a lunch and bring their temps or drivers license. If you are interested in this class, call WCTC at 262-691-5070 quickly - the dates fill up fast!

Be sure to contact your insurance company to find out about potential discounted rates for defensive driver training.